Does The Laser Comb Really Grow Hair?

Laser light therapy hair loss treatment products such as Hairmax Laser Comb, Viatek hair pro, Sunetic comb have turn out to be a scorching subject in recent years. Can low level lasers be used to really regrow and strengthen your current hairs? Through searching on the internet, I found one explanation could be useful for you:

“The principle thought behind the “laser comb” is mainly that it will increase the circulation within the area where the low lever laser light therapy is used. This enhance in blood stream to the follicles, according to the laser comb promoters, has a constructive effect on the follicles which causes a total decrease in hair loss.

I have an issue with the supposed mechanism by which the laser comb works to stop hair loss. While I don’t dispute the comb’s means to cause a transient enhance in blood movement, I do really feel that this does not deal with the underlying explanation for the hair loss. In my opinion, hair loss is not the results of an absence of blood supply to the scalp. However, it is a result of the detrimental effects of DHT binding to the follicle receptors. This concept is extensively accepted as the foundation of male sample baldness which explains why finasteride helps prevent hair loss (by lowering the DHT level). Because the laser comb therapy does nothing to alter the extent of DHT on the receptor web site, I do not really feel that it has far more than a placebo-kind effect on hair loss.

In practice, I’ve not heard many good things about laser comb therapy. I have had a couple of patients state their belief that the comb has helped cease their hair loss; however these are often sufferers who’re also taking finasteride. The problem in this lies in the fact that if an affected person is taking two remedies at the similar time, it’s tough to gauge the general effects of each individual treatment. Mainly, it’s hard to indicate that the comb had any helpful effects, as the hair loss prevention could have been attributable solely to the finasteride.

I’m going to point out another problem relating to the comb. The laser comb does have FDA approval, although this can be misleading. The technology behind the laser comb has been around for decades. The FDA approval for this gadget isn’t based on any superb new studies. Somewhat, it has been approved as a result of the technology pre-dates when the FDA started its supervisory role. Subsequently, this gadget didn’t have to pass through the present day’s stringent FDA approval process.”


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