Hair Apparent: Caboki

I got Caboki from my dermatologist. Works great for me. I like Caboki more than Toppik.  Caboki provides you with a superbly normal appearance. Nobody will be aware you’re applying Caboki until you say to them – even though they have a close up view, outdoor, under bright sun light.

Personally I think fiber based products such as caboki tend to give more natural finish since they mimic real hair and blends in with your real hair.  Now as far as staying power, I think prothik is a little better, although you can improve caboki’s staying power a great deal by using a holding spray.

I am 50 with thinning hair since early 30, not MPB, but general thinning (all over the scalp). Other than Caboki, I also like Paul Mitchell thickening shampoo, it gives good volume.

Yes, it is better than most of others. I started to lose my hair in my late 20′s and had a blad area by the time I was about 30. I stumbled upon Caboki as a sample and I was amazed at the results. It covers my thinning areas on the crown nicely.

I feel caboki has a lot better staying power, particularly if you perspiration or in a really humid spot.  I believe fiber based products like caboki have a tendency to give more natural finish because they mimic real human hair and mixes in with your real hair.  I have already been carrying out lots of analysis over a replacement product and just bought caboki.

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