Caboki vs Toppik (a Hair Concealer Review)

I’ve been looking at different fiber powders/spray and came throughout this product referred to as Caboki. From what I can tell it’s the same concept as Toppik but just isn’t a shake or spray, it seems such as you rub the bottle on the hair.

So I’ve decided to put in writing an overview for caboki vs toppik. Now for all my fellow on the market with related concerns for hair thinning and balding spots, you probably have heard about these products. I have used Toppik earlier than and still use the product every now and then for events, special occasions etc.

  • Packaging: Both items have very related packaging bottles, Caboki comes with an outer box which is nice. I love the very fact Caboki made the extra effort to create an in depth step by step instruction for utility with images. Even for an experienced user like me, I found ideas that I never even knew about. So definitely thumbs up for that.
  • Application: Once more, both products are actually very comparable in application steps, it is pretty straight forward. Merely shake the bottle while it is upside down to dispense the fibers. No distinction there.
  • Color selection: Caboki has 7 color choices while Toppik has 9. Both have all of the widespread enough colours like black, browns, blonde, white, etc. But Toppik has a medium Blonde and Auburn which caboki does not offer. I called the customer support at Caboki simply to make sure. I used to be advised for folks with medium to darkish blonde hair, they suggest blonde for the reason that darker shade will seem more natural. I don’t use blonde, so until I hear in any other case from other users, I will take their phrases for it.
  • Staying Power: I think Caboki does edge out Toppik a bit in this category. I really tried Caboki on the right side of my hair and Toppik on the other side for two days straight. Thankfully both products are comparable so I didn’t should seem like an idiot! Anyway, by the top of the first  day, I didn’t actually see any vital difference. But by second morning (I sleep face down usually), I do feel my right side appears to be slightly thinner.
  • Ingredients: This is the animal vs the plants! Toppik makes use of pure keratin as principal ingredient which is derived from animal hair and Caboki makes use of 100% pure plant extract. I generally want plant primarily based ingredients in any of my product as a result of there is a lesser probability of pores and skin irritation. But I actually did not have any issues with Toppik when I used it.

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