Chemo, Hair loss and Me: My Hair Loss Experience

Hair loss is likely one of the most emotionally devastating uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can have an effect on the hair or your head, facial hair, pubic hair and physique hair. This consists of eyelashes and eyebrows, also.

Why do so many people suffer from hair loss?

Hair loss happens because chemotherapy can generally injury wholesome cells. It’s so frequent as a result of hair follicle cells multiply in a short time like cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs have difficulty in discerning the difference.

Will I lose all of my hair?

There isn’t any way to tell if someone will lose their hair during chemotherapy. Some folks do not lose any at all. Some only undergo from thinning of the hair. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who do lose all of their hair.
Hair loss all depends on the medicines you take, how frequent dosages and the way aggressive your treatment is.

Can I do something to prevent it?

Sadly, there isn’t any prevention or remedy to combat hair loss during chemotherapy treatment.

Many people try to use over-the-counter hair growth medicine, like Rogaine. They do not have any effect whatsoever.
The excellent news is that your hair will develop back. It may grow back during therapy, but often regrowth begins in about 6 to 8 weeks after remedy ends.

Coping With Hair Loss

Hair loss may be devastating. Many patients feel like they cannot go out in public, or that they are going to embarrass their household members. It is utterly regular to feel this way. But, you can do many issues to make your hair loss extra acceptable and simpler to cope with.

  • Purchase a wig during treatment that matches your hair color. This fashion, you will have one prepared in case you do experience hair loss. Hair normally falls out in clumps throughout chemo, not evenly. If you have ever wished to experiment with completely different hair colours, now’s the time to do so. Have enjoyable with the totally different seems to be you can create with a hairpiece.
  • Minimize your hair. Short hair is less complicated to keep up and permits wigs to suit extra comfortably. Plus, it appears fuller. Some individuals select to shave their heads proper when hair loss begins. Many really feel it’s less devastating to lose it abruptly, than a bit at a time.
  • Scarves, hats and turbans are becoming extra fashionable, even for folks without cancer. Many chemo patients use scarves or hats to cowl their heads. They arrive in quite a lot of kinds and might be tied many ways for various looks.

Product Description

Chemo hairloss and meA unique, engaging, and encouraging offering of one cancer patient’s hair-loss experience, this book is written for those about to undergo chemotherapy as well as for cancer patients themselves who’ve endured the ordeal. Each turn of the page comes with a bright, colorful illustration designed to bring a smile or a laugh, helping diffuse some of the fear and apprehension for people facing chemotherapy and hair loss. This feel-good book relates that hair loss can actually bring about positive changes and a new outlook on life, as well as highlighting the importance of letting go and allowing others to be helpful through treatment.

Chemo and Me: My Hair Loss Experience

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