My Experience with Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

I obtained my “Caboki” from Amazon and tried it out at the moment and it does work VERY well! My result? These videos (at below) aren’t faked. I have fairly superior MPB and it did just what it was marketed to do. I didn’t even must scrunch down my hair like I have to do with different concealers to keep away from having that “see-through” hair.

caboki-before-and-afterOnce more, however, had a little problem with the hairline (making an attempt to get the fibers to go where I needed them to), however only on the left side of my hairline. It labored fairly well with the shaker bottle on the right. I simply had a little bit too much shake on the left and it triggered it to create a darker line of concealer. But with my finger I used to be capable of disperse most of that and break it up. I attempted my Toppik Spray Maximizer with it to try to fix the hairline, although it did not fit on the small Caboki bottle, I used to be in a position to place the sprayer over it and it did not take much product to fix.

So I’ll let you know the way it works throughout the day doing stuff and after sleeping in it tonight (hopefully it won’t have fallen off my head by morning like different concealer tended to do).

I awakened this morning and it had shifted somewhat in that there were some small scalp areas where you would see it was wiped away a little. I may have in all probability simply put some more on those spots and it most likely would’ve fixed it proper there, but I wanted to see what would occur once I combed by means of the hair.

It’s actually a promising product. I imply it took me half the time to use it than it does when I put on Dermmatch and Toppik and get that each one worked when trying to make it look natural. However it seems to be like I won’t be throwing away my Dermmatch or Toppik away any time soon. I will in all probability not put so much Caboki on subsequent time and see what that does, as when I first was placing it on yesterday, there was a point where I might still see through to the scalp just a little, but it regarded very natural. I ought to have stopped there, but I used to be used to having it lined fully with Dermmatch and Toppik in back and on prime there. So I will try not utilizing so much the next time I apply and if that still would not work right(like if it nonetheless leaves wiped off marks on my head) I will try placing Dermmatch on first like I do with Toppik.

I hoped for a stand-alone product with this; however I do not think it will work like that for me. However if you have less advanced hair loss or diffuse thinning it probably could possibly be an ideal stand-alone product.


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