Propecia Versus Rogaine

While hair loss medications Propecia and Rogaine will be efficient hair loss treatments taken individually or as a part of the same hair regrowth routine, they don’t work the identical way.

When first announced as cures for hair loss, both Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) have been hailed to be as vital as the introduction of contraception capsules and the Salk vaccine. Lastly, going bald could be a choice, not an immutable verdict of nature.

Each have been accessible for a generation of use and proved to be helpful to men (both medicines) and girls (Rogaine only). But every comes with its own set of efficacy, negative effects and costs. Following are the pros and cons of every, that will help you decide if both is right for you.

Propecia & Rogaine: Exterior versus inner utility

Rogaine is applied topically to the scalp (foam or lotion), and Propecia is taken internally as a pill. Rogaine should be applied twice every day without interruption to stay efficient, and uninterrupted use is required of Propecia as well.

For many individuals something you apply on to the skin will all the time be preferred over an internal medication. It is because some drugs that go via the digestive system and the liver will be detrimental to certain internal organs. There are not any identified serious detrimental results on the liver or other internal organs from taking Propecia.

Propecia & Rogaine: Effectiveness

Both Propecia and Rogaine are effective but in various degrees with several types of individuals. Propecia, in keeping with Merck & Co., its producer, halts hair loss in a majority of these taking it (86 percent) and helps regrow hair in almost half (48 percent) of patients. The product isn’t obtainable for women. Rogaine is 30 to 40 p.c effective in its regular (2 p.c) formulation and between 50 and 60 % with its further-power (5 p.c) version. Dense regrowth of hair, nonetheless, is unusual (8 % of customers), and precise gains in hair rely are much less frequent as properly (30 p.c). It is more effective for ladies than for men.

With both Propecia and Rogaine, earlier use in sufferers beneath 40 will yield the greatest results. And the baldness that is prevented or reversed tends to be on the crown of the top, not on the hairline (which is able to continue to recede over time).

Propecia & Rogaine: Main and minor unwanted effects

Rogaine can cause pores and skin irritation, which incorporates burning, scaling, itchiness, dryness and flaking, at the level of application (crown of the pinnacle). Users are suggested to limit sun exposure for this reason. Other, rarer uncomfortable side effects include lightheadedness, fast coronary heart charge, chest ache, swelling (stomach, face, hands or ankles), respiration difficulty and weight gain. Women who are or who may grow to be pregnant are advised against utilizing Rogaine.

Propecia is particularly problematic for women who could also be pregnant (and, particularly, their male fetuses). Mere publicity to a broken capsule, in touch with the pores and skin, can lead to genital abnormalities in the male fetus. Males taking Propecia expertise – at a rate of about 3.8 percent – antagonistic effects, which may embody erectile dysfunction, decreased volume of ejaculate and decreased libido, in addition to itchiness, hives, swelling of the lips and face and testicular pain.

Propecia & Rogaine: Can they be combined?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) takes no official position on whether or not mixture remedy, utilizing each Rogaine and Propecia, is both harmful or more practical, or both. Several on-line Websites function people who declare a synergistic effect of using both simultaneously.

Cost and prescription vs. over the counter

Rogaine in a 5 p.c solution begins at about $19 for a three-month provide – generic brands are inexpensive than the original brand, which may be priced at greater than twice as much. It has been out there with no prescription since 1998. Propecia ranges in value via online suppliers from $28 to $71 for a monthly supply. It requires a prescription from a medical doctor.

So, has both Propecia and Rogaine lived as much as its expectation? That appears to rely on the person utilizing them. Personal selections about price, negative effects and every day upkeep schedules are usually what drive individuals to try to continue to use these medicines (or not).

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