smoking causes hair loss

Smoking Causes Hair Loss and Gray Hair

Although smoking is clearly generated a lot of various malignant disease – as listed in the warning on every pack of cigarettes, but the number of active smokers is still quite a lot.

Yes, smoking is proven to be unbeneficial to health. Cigarette smoke contains toxins, nicotine is known to trigger heart attacks, cancer to impotence. Recently, health experts in New Delhi (India) Dr Jamuna Pai revealed that cigarettes can accelerate the growth of gray hair, hair loss and even baldness.

The results of the analysis of Dr. Jamuna Pai says, consists of about 4,000 cigarettes harmful chemicals that damage the health of all body. Nicotine and carbon monoxide (CO2) is the culprit of hair damage. Although gray is one of the problems of heredity, but observed that smoking can exacerbate this.

Called nicotine can cause blood vessels to constrict which makes it difficult to pump blood from the arteries. Smoking also produces CO2 which blocks the blood capacity to carry oxygen and remove toxins. “These two factors prevent hair tissue oxygenation and remove free radicals from the body. Well, this could exacerbate the problem of gray hair and hair loss,” he explained. additionally, the threat of baldness due to smoking was much higher in women than men.

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